At The Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina, we aim to enhance wellness and naturally treat and cure disease using a holistic approach grounded in safety that is supported by extensive conventional medicine experience.


Integrative Services provided at IMCNC include:

  • Primary care

  • Acute, urgent care

  • Chronic care

  • Nephrology (kidney disease) care

  • Virtual visits

  • Consultative care

  • Difficult to diagnose disease clinic

  • Massage therapy

  • NES Health

  • Crystal therapy

  • Aromatherapy consultation and products

  • Intravenous infusion clinic (biologics, IV hydration, vitamins)

  • Laboratories (blood, saliva, and urine)

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

  • Emotional clearing

  • Spiritual clearing

  • Healing touch

  • Wellness store

Payment Options for Our Services: 

For all patients visiting IMCNC, your first visit is either billed to insurance or it can be paid for out-of-pocket. 

As a patient of IMCNC, you have three options after your first visit.  Learn more

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